my first of hopefully many posts

so i guess i should say a few things firstly i made this blog in a hope to share my ideas with others and hopefully make a few friends.

so about my and what these posts will be about. i am an eclectic pagan i have a lot of similar  views as in Wicca i don’t really like to label things so i don’t really know if you would call me that or something else all i know this is what i believe and this is how i feel

i am a very scientific person and in fact going to school to study biology atm so i am a very skeptical person i have teetered between my belief and logic and i always seem to come back to what i believe deep down i feel it is true no matter what evidence i find call it ignorance or faith its how i am

so for those few who ever read this and want to know a few basics

i am a Gemini

i don’t worship any particular god or goddess just i know and praise the goddess and the horned god along with the spirits of the land and nature

i am a very hands on person my belief is centralized around creativity and my art and creations are the biggest part of my worship of the physical world which is what this blog will be mainly about so enjoy


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